Sun Valley's Junior Jockeys (3-5 years)

We have started a special program for younger riders, aged 3 – 5yrs!

Lesson groups are small and consist of 40min of riding and 20min of practical pony care. The aim is to make our younger riders more confident and comfortable before they move on into the bigger groups.

Emphasis is on balance, co-ordination, muscle-tone and control as well as safety around the ponies. Games and exercises are used to develop skills that will be necessary for future riding in bigger groups.

Sun Valley Pony Pals (5 - 6 years)

The Pony Pals program is designed to get our younger riders and former Junior Jockeys use to riding in group lessons on their own. These lessons are and hour and focus on control, cordination, crossing the midline and the balance.

Sun Valley for Children (6-14 years)

Teaching children to ride in a safe and fun-filled environment. Start with individual lessons

and move to groups with a maximum of 8 students. Groups of different levels through

which pupils are promoted. 24 school ponies ranging from safe first ponies to

competitive ponies. Shows, pony camps, fun days and outrides held regularly. Ponies

available for half-bait and full-bait with possibility of competing in interschool shows.

Sun Valley for juniors (14-18 years)

Lessons available for junior riders. Beginners start with individual lessons and move to

groups. Half-baiting & full-baiting options available.

Sun Valley Livery

Stabling provided for both competitive & non-competitive horses and ponies. Full support

provided for competitive children & juniors. Preparation for shows, transport to shows &

assistance at the show.